ACS1st window cleaners in Chelmsford

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do you call? 

The frequency of the clean is entirely up to yourself.  We can clean windows monthly, 6 weekly or 8 weekly on a regular basis. There is the option of a 12 weekly clean but this carries an extra surcharge

2.What happens if I’m not in to pay?

We leave you a bill with details on how to pay.  You can send us a cheque on pay online

3. Do you clean the window sills?  

Yes.  All frames, sills, front and back doors are cleaned everytime as standard

4. Can you clean the windows above my conservatory?  

Yes.  As we use the reach and wash system with telescopic poles we can reach inaccessible windows over conservatories, skylites, dormers and solar panels.

5. Do you have liability insurance?   

Yes.  We are fully insured.  Click here to see our policy.

6. What method do you use to clean my windows?  

We use the pure water high reach pole system.  There are no ladders involved and all windows can be reached safely from the ground.  With the pure water system there is no need to cloth the window as the water will dry smear free.

7. Do you provide online payment via credit card?    Unfortunately we do not take payment via credit card but you can pay us online using internet banking.  Full details will be provided.